Argh, (Ive written this reply  three times and keep closing my reply when I move over to your site to inspect.)

I inspected your site and you have a lot of issues that is messing up your formatting and preventing some things loading.  See attached screenshot from your site url

1) Loading resources, icons and images.  Did you change from http to https by any chance? Because the icons and images are trying to load from an  http location and cannot load. You are getting a 404 error

2) I see you are using Bellard, SLP Plugin Style  that requires google font api.  That is being blocked on your site, I have no idea what is blocking it, but am guessing it is one of your other plugins or theme.

3) You can change the directions link to read directions using CSS rules since it is in an href if need be.

4) Have you selected English under Map/Languages.?

5) Are you using the WP admin for multisites and have one in Dutch, another in English for those map pages?

Finally, if all else fails : You can up load SLP Janitor (its free) and see what the settings are under Labels and clear it out from there and save. Janitor is a free add-on.

I would  use the WP debugger ( see under Troubleshooting) and find out which one of your plugins may be creating issues for you. There is also a tutorial on how to use Firefox developer tool to find errors that need to be fixed.

Unfortunately, we do not fix another authors/developers themes if that is what needs to be done.


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