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Hi Jason,

Sorry my bad. I didn’t mean to close that thread.

1) It is still on Lances radar , he just has a lot of catch up and some paid customization projects to finish up.

I do still have it as a task for him to look into in Asana.   I see that you had posted similar question about a couple of years ago regarding something to use as a fallback with IP address , I can mention it to him next time I see him.

2) What version of ProPack are you looking for? Did you keep the zip file anywhere on your desktop by any chance?

I might have an older version zip file somewhere on my desktop I would have to check.  You custom layout shouldn’t have changed when updating, did you happen to also update WP 4.5 and or your theme around same time?

Others have used Location Sensor with Edge and it seemed to work for them.I noted that Piani reported it worked for him using Edge it was only Chrome that was the issue.