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Please provide info regarding your Theme and WP version.  What SLP plugin style are you using?  Do you have CSS rules? There has to be  something else interfering with the results controls.  As mentioned it works exactly as it should on my test site. Since I cannot access your url  to assist you with troubleshooting , I can  only provide you the tools to try.

1) Have you tried to reload and /or Clear your cache

2) check that your theme or another plugin is is not overriding the results. You can use any browser debugger tools to see the settings.  Here is Troubleshooting guidelines and it has a tutorial video if you need help.

3)  If you recently updated to WP 4.5 , try the default theme of  twenty sixteen. Some themes were not properly executing jquery and had issues. Or blocked or mismanaged the REST API that SLP uses.  Authors post on WP updates. (Dont be fooled by the title of the post, it goes in depth about more than the Map since the functions and parameters are interconnected. )

4) You have show featured if in radius, do you have ANY locations marked or ranked as featured?

5) Do you have FORCELOAD JAVASCRIPT?  If you do then it will interfere in your results settings


You can install free  Janitor and see what all your settings are at, and if you need to clear out anything under the SLP, options  etc.

I have attached a screenshot of the janitor back end that shows initial results returned.  There are more settings under there as well.

If you need additional help after trying to debug and following the suggestions above, and need  SLP to login and see what is going on with your particular site , please send an inquiry from paid support.

As mentioned in prior post, you will not get any Pagination features unless you upgrade to Premier, results pagination is a premier feature.

let me know how it works out.


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