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Thank you for your patience while I look into this further:

I am looking at your site again. There is still something using the old jquery 1.11. 3 but that is not the reason for the Enh. Results label  issue as far as I can see.   Just a heads up that your plugin or theme or because of the version of WP if you have not updated to 4.5  it may cause issues further down the line. i.e. Warning

To further delve into your issue:

I   turned off my Experience Add-on and reverted back to and downloaded the older  Enhanced Results legacy add-on v 4.3.02 and it is not saving the label change as you have indicated , so it is a bug.  I will report it to the developer.

Please note : With the   Experience Add-on that label does work, that is why I couldn’t see it on my site.  (see attached screenshot of how it appears with Experience add-on)  All the Enhanced Legacy add-ons are worked on as time is allowed and only to fix bugs.    All  coding  efforts are concentrating on the newer add-ons  Experience(includes what was formerly Enhanced Search,Map,Results and Widgets) and Power and Premier, all have updated and  newer features. This reduces the plugin  maintenance challenges and interchangeability with the other add-ons. as well as  support and developer overhead.

The authors post about this process “Future Direction of SLP”

I apologize for not catching this sooner, unfortunately  I no longer test new versions of SLP or WP 4.5. with older legacy add-ons so we have to rely on customers such as yourself to report.

The developer is out of town at the moment and upon his return ahas a couple of paid custom projects to finish up, so I am not sure when he will get to this fix.

If you choose to update to the newer versions 4.5  that is included  with a purchase of the Experience Add-on I will provide you with  a coupon value of the ER purchase to offset the cost.

If you wish to go that route, please send your request with contact info to our Support.



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