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I’m confused, are you using Tagalong to show categories or ProPack to select from tags? I know it is confusing, but tags are not categories. You are showing me your ProPAck settings but you do not have the ProPAck Tags slected to appear in a dropdown menu, you have ” none “. If you are using ProPAck tags and Tagalong categories as in STORE categories together in a drop down it will show everything and the results will have no idea where to go from there. It will fight with each other.

Use one or the other. They work entirely differently. If all you are using is ProPAck what are you using Tagalong for?
Your Tagalong screen shot also has :none” selected. How do people know the categories to select from? Do you have a screen shot of what you are trying to achieve as end product.

See the Tagalog instructions here

Screenshots of how to use Tagalong and a tutorial is here:

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