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Ok, I will check it out further, I am having issues adding that to my test site as well.. It behaved as you explained, it allowed me to add but unless I added the zip code like you showed it came up inactive

But when I search commercial google map for that church  it is showing zip code as 85121
and it is showing the LONG LAT as

So Google is coming back with a different Lat Long than you have indicated, for me. When I added the Lat and Long ()in Bold) it saved, I then left the page and went back in and it saved again.

But when You click on the exact Lat and Long as saved and as appearing now in the SLP Locations Manager, Google Commercial maps converts  it …(not SLP it still remains the same on SLP ) because Google Maps wants to give you directions. I am attaching some screen shots so you can see what I mean. Apparently Google Maps thinks the street name of that church is Orchard RD.

test it out.

Click on the @ lat loing in SLP back end and see where it takes you on Google Maps

SLP locations manger may not be able to include that last identifier in Google Map, As mentioned  in previous Posts Google commercial Maps has stated that its Lat/Long “map finder” and the algorithms are proprietary data.  (They own the Earth apparently)

If you enter in the above as I have, does it then save in your locations?
P.S. What did you select under EXP/Map for the domain for Google?

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