I have a client with a live site running Store Locator Plus 4.4.17, along with the latest versions of the Pro Pack, Tagalong, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Map, and Enhanced Results. It’s set up to display numerous location at initial map load, and the map functions as expected.  A screenshot of the live Plugin Environment is attached. (live-info.png)

In order to get all plugins updated on the site, I’ve moved everything to a staging server, with the exact plugin configuration except I’ve updated to Store Locator Plus 4.4.19, but now the initial results do not load, and I get this error message when changing Experience settings:

The Enhanced Map add-on is not running as efficiently as possible.
Upgrading to the latest Experience add-on is recommended.

A screenshot of the staging Plugin Environment is attached. (staging-info.png)

I can’t post a url of the map on the staging site since it’s password protected, but here’s one of the maps on the live site:


The client has it set up to display TONS of listings automatically, so it takes a little time to load. They don’t load at all on the staging site. I’d be happy to provide a link and password info to the staging site if there’s someway to do that outside of the forum.


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