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Which posts are you referencing?

Please provide your Plugin Environment   when posting.  The only abbreviation I recognize is SLP 4.4.19 .  A screenshot such as the one I have attached is preferred.

.  I am not sure what version 3.5 is referring to but if you are mixing older versions of SLP add-ons with newer versions of SLP and add-ons or WP older versions you may experience technical difficulties as well as JS errors.  (there is a section about that under Troubleshooting)

The ” format” text link you have provided does not provide enough information since you have not described where that link is on your page or in your layout.  If you are looking for CSS rules to override results please refer to the CSS documentation.  there is a video on that page to assist you

There is a recent video in the Store Locator Plus YouTube channel that will help you with debugging, I have not seen reference to a directions issue other than a paid support ticket and that person had imported a csv file incorrectly.  The YouTube video shows how the developer found their specific issue and how you can easily debug with Firefox.


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