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Hi Felipe, Could you provide your Plugin environment when posting? (see posting guidelines) You can achieve many different results with a mixture of settings using some of the Add-ons. Experience,Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, Featuring locations, ranking locations, radius settings etc. You could opt to show no map markers, leave it blank and the limit the number of results that first appear under the map. Otherwise your map is going to display markers based on the various settings and criteria you have established. Its usually you either want to show them right away, all, or you want to show just the featured, after a search etc.

You can probably limit how many locations appear on your page using some specific rules and filters but it might be a customization job that you would have to ask the developer about. He might develop it for you (for a quoted price) if it was something that a lot of people might want to utilize in the future. You can contact him using the form under Paid Customoization