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I cannot inspect or assist you with troubleshooting without a site url.   The screemshot only shows local host. If you are receiving an error message from your server there is possibly a conflict with either another plugin, host, or your server configuration. What theme and jquery version are your various plugins using? Try disabling your plugins one at a time and retry adding your locations to see if your error clears.

We have not had this issue reported and I cannot replicate the error, there is something unique going on with your site.  your anon is IT so assume you are part of an IT dept or administrator?

If so there are some  posts and insight that may give you a hint as to what is happening on your site. The SLP author has various pages, posts and articles about server and system configuration.  You can seacrh in the Documentation and News or Posts for more information. Here are a few examples that came back with my search using keywords server or system configuration.

Location Import Export Copying to a new site

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Configuring Apache for WP sites

If you need one on one assistance and have a developer look into your specific site if all else fails, you may also opt to submit a ticket through Paid Support