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First, just by clicking and Inspecting element I see that you have more than One Store Locator Plugin under Wp content and so I do not know if you copied it over from another site or if someone started out with a very old version or the WP Store Locator Plugin by viadat installed?  See this Information: known conflicts

we do not have anything like this:::::?#wpsl-wrap,.wpsl-gmap-canvas{margin-bottom:20px;width:100%}#wpsl-result-list a,#wpsl-wrap [class*=” wpsl-icon-“]

So  either you were using two different store locator plugins or someone interjected  conflicting arguments when they tried to do customization.

I am not a programmer either. The debugger is very easy, you can watch a tutorial video  that will give you some quick hints.  Otherwise I suggest you first look at your plugins and delete the other locator plugin. You may need to use Janitor to get rid of the bad voodoo juju.  See Troubleshooting

If you need someone to log in  and look at your site to tell you what you have goign on you need to go to Paid support  and request