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While I did use another plugin to allow easy modification of wp user group’s permissions (Otherwise all there is slp and it’s own plugins. I didn’t create a new user group but simply added new permissions to the contributor user group) that really doesn’t have anything to do with the difference between the pages plugin and the main slp plugin permission rules and the trouble that it causes.

That’s why i put ‘discrepancy’ above….this ticket is not so much a ‘new feature’ as a a request for slp to make the store pages plugin permissions compatible with the main plugin, which should already be the case.

This is an expensive set of extensions and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to request that plugins sold as compatible with each other actually be fully compatible or at least be fixed as quickly as possible when an incompatibility is reported.

I believe this should be considered and treated as a repair to an incompatibility between the store pages and the main slp plugin…definitely not a ‘new feature’.

The problem is simply that the main plugin only requires one specific  permission to be assigned to a user group in order for that user group to create and modify their own locations without seeing and being able to edit other locations, whereas the store pages plugin requires both the permission required by the main plugin and also full administrator permissions to store locator plus….which is inconsistent and odd and makes it impossible to use the pages plugin (and the tagalong categories) with limited permissions.

So something that store locator plus does beautifully is interrupted by a difference in requirements by the pages plugin.

I don’t believe this should be a huge change but do think this is something store locator plus should prioritize since the store pages plugin is sold as a fully compatible extension/plugin to slp.