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Yes , I think pretty much most of your special situations would be resolved with the Premier Subscription, and yes of course I can see the privacy issue.  What I do when I want to test things out in my test site , I make up addresses. It could be a public place for instance. There is also a new product, I do not know much about it yet, Extended Data Manager which will let you add custom fields.  You could probably play around with rankings and featured listings under Enhanced Results too, there are a lot of different work arounds  . You are using the Product in a fairly unique way, and that is how all the different add-on packs evolved, and the Premier Package, to keep up with all the ideas and implementations. There are two newer videos :

You can look down the playlist for Cluster Markers (number 21 in playlist).

And under Premier there is a new “Google Influence Guesses and Boundary Influences.” number 1.

There may be some others in that play list that will give you fresh insight.

You can use a combination of Enhanced Search Discrete search functions with the results (Closest to Furthest? There are setting in Enhanced Results as well that interact with search and Radii behavior) to narrow down what results are displayed, maybe you want “number to show intially” to be a lot lower.