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J Joseph

Thanks Cici,

We have SLP4, Pro Pack, Store Pages, Directory Builder, Enhanced Search and Enhanced Results.

We are not imputing a street address for privacy reasons (these are children after all) but, of course, I now see why that would create a problem. All the kids in Charlotte would be pinned in the city center…which wouldn’t work.

It does sound like the cluster markers are the answer for us. Question, When you click on the cluster marker (I’m assuming that’s the disk with the number in the center showing in one of your screen shots) does it do anything? Like break out the different “store” information pages? Or show only those results in the list under the map?

Mostly unrelated question. Is there a way for the results to only show what you have searched for? For example if you search for Houston, TX show only results in Houston, not also everyone in the search radius?