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I cloned the Genesis Monochrome “style” (stylesheet) and modified it, and added it to the themes list.

I see the 4.3 updates, but after working so hard to get the look and database to where it’s working, I’m reluctant to update the plugins just yet. For example, no way, no how could I style the submit button without making some code changes to class.ui.php. These will be overwritten. Yes, I can just re-apply my custom code afterward, but I like to give a plugin a little time between updates, especially when it is working, as ours is working now.

I’m also afraid that updating will overwrite the tags field of the store_locator database, like it did the last time I updated, and I had to go through the table again and re-add our custom tags used in the tags field dropdown selector. I guess exporting the table would solve that problem (not saying it will happen, only that it has happened once before).

I guess I’ll have to live with the map not resizing for all media queries until somebody comes along with their solution, thanks.