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Hi Paul,

Thank you for providing the detailed information.  I fooled around with the settings on my test site and with same settings I am actually getting a repeat of the country listings if I added more than one data field with same country location.  For instance I had two locations in Australia, a few in USA, etc. If I added the “county” Australia in more than one location as an address the drop down shows the correct ordering of countries but then the list starts over again, so I have Australia, Costa Rica, Germany United Kingdom, then it adds in another Australia, then USA. So I am a bit confused as well and will need to ask the developer to lok at it.

P.S. If you have both state and country as a drop down for available choices and someone does not make the correct combination this will totally confuse the Search map query

There is some good info in the Blog about the Discrete search but I do not have the answer for the alphabetizing. I will have it added for the technical person to look into it.