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Ok, so you are not using a map at all? Just a list of names and locations? As mentioned, the feature for drop down by name is not currently a feature of the Enhanced Search.  What I was thinking you could do is have each store name with an individual tag. Tags can be created with ProPack and can be ordered to appear in a  dropdown box.   Excerpt from searching forums and page posts and documentation:

“You can leave off fields from the end of a line, for example just have the Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip and nothing else. This can vary from line-to-line. Note: Tags refer to the ProPAck Tags, not the categories created using SLP Tagalong”

So it wouldn’t necessarily be the best solution but you can fool with it and have a list of tags that are actually names and then set ProPack to show a dropdown list of tags(in your case ” names” ) I fooled around with it so it will work.

If you would like to contact the developer about a possible customization solution please send the info via the contact form.



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