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Lance Cleveland

Lee – first, please do not post the same question twice. It does not lead to a faster response and slows down our response time for everyone.

Google things the zip code is here:

In contrast, Google thinks the city + state (Iona, ID) is here:

Why that is, I cannot tell you. That is something to be discussed with Google Map Services. I had an OEM Enterprise License for the past year and couldn’t get a single viable answer on any of a half-dozen technical questions so I don’t think they will give you any clue why the lat/long is so different.

That said, the location is not coming up when doing a zip-code search because your target school, Iona Elementary is NOT within 10 miles of the lat/long coordinates 43.3494164,
-111.77239609999998. If the town is more than 10 square miles there will be points the reside inside of the specified zip code that are not within 10 miles of the dead center of that zip code. Interestingly, Google thinks the center of the town Iona ID is NOT in the same location as the center of the zip code. Very likely if the town/city consists of more than one zip code.

The functionality is described in detail in the technical documentation and several online forums. If you increase your radius beyond 10 miles you may find Iona Elementary comes up for the specified zip code.