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Lance Cleveland

John –

Please do not combine multiple problems into a single post.  That is how things get missed.  If you have different issues please create a separate thread for each so we can easily track the progress and response of each issue.

Regarding Multi-map: DeBaat is working on an update for 4.3 and last I heard it is still in progress.    I reported several issues with the 4.2 release that he had been working on.  If his update is not ready next week I will be jumping in on the coding effort with him after the base updates for 4.3 are released to production.   There should be a Multi Map 4.3 update by August 24th that addresses various issues.

Auto-zoom enable/disable is still under the experience/map interface.  Some of the settings are in new groups to make it easier to understand for new users.

I am looking into the only_with_tag filter before Pro Pack 4.3 is released.   Some users have reported an issue when certain combinations of shortcode attributes are used.   It looks like the tag filter is not working properly but I’ve not yet located the source of the issue.

As for response times – I understand you are under pressure from a client but claiming the subscription is a scam is unwarranted.  You posted on a Friday morning and on Monday Morning complained of no answer for 5 days.   The response for Premier posts is ONE BUSINESS DAY.   In addition, there is a note to the top of this forum requesting Premier users send an email via the contact form if they don’t see an answer in 24 hours due to a bug in bbPress notifications.   Yes, I have looked for more robust alternatives but there is not a viable option at this time with 2+ years of client history tied up in bbPress.    I am planning to evaluate HelpScout when 4.3 launches, which will improve our support experience but will not replace/fix the bbPress-driven Premier Forum.

I will have CiCi look at your prior orders and issue a refund on Kitchen Sink; though we do ask that people ask for a discount code as it is far easier to deal with that way.    If you prefer to cancel the Premier Subscription instead we can do that and refund the setup fee and first month of service.   Please let us know which path you’d like to pursue – refund the Kitchen Sink order or cancel-and-refund the Premier Subscription.