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Lance Cleveland

Set your pages to published via Store Pages settings.  That can help with the older Pages releases.

Pages 4.3 is coming out the week of August 17th along with SLP 4.3.   There are a lot of patches related to permalinks URL processing.    There are also new page template field processing items that work better with the recent WordPress 4.2.X updates and forthcoming WordPress 4.3 release.

[storepage map=”location”] = draws a map with zoom level 8 for the location, custom iframes are no longer necessary (and break in WP 4.3).


[storepage field=”url” type=”hyperlink”] to put the URL in a clickable hyperlink.

[storepage field=”email” type=”mailto”] to put the URL in a clickable mailto link.

[storepage field=”image” type=”image”] to render the image on the store page with a default title/alt set to the location name.   Use [storepage field=”image” title=”xyz” type=”image”] to override the title/alt text.