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J Joseph

Thanks for your response, Lance. Can you answer the question about paying the Premier Subscription indefinitely being our only option for using cluster markers (or not)? And if you feel confident that cluster markers would fix our problem?

Can you be more specific about the number of pins having something to do with a user’s experience? (I’ll repeat again that closeness to the viewer does not, in our case, necessarily correspond with highest interest. People in TX routinely buy bikes for people in PA, etc.)

It is a shared server…of course hosting service says it’s high end and no problems with it. On other pages of our site load time is between 1.3 and 1.4 seconds. It is nearly 20 seconds on the Wish List map page and there is a javascript error too…which our developer says is directly related to the slow load time. Here is the map:

Is firefox a “known issue” browser? Also having problems with load time using Chrome. Haven’t even tried it in IE…but I’m sure some of our viewers will be using old versions of it.

Cici told us you’re having trouble with the multi-map add-on. Is that still the case? We have a second map on the same site that we really need to display all 145 markers on. Our organization’s chapter locations…if it only shows up regionally it makes us look like small potatoes…rather than medium but at least nationwide potatoes. 🙂 Second map:

Unless you tell us differently, I’m reluctantly coming to the conclusion that SLP might not really work for us, as the main point is to display all locations in both maps.

We were able to achieve that goal with what we thought was a poor solution (all the way at the bottom of this page:  and also here: The current solution uses inferior maps and doesn’t have the customization possible through SLP. Cici tell us it loads instantly with all our pins because it works differently. As lay-people we don’t really understand…we just want an attractive and functional solution.

Can we achieve that through SLP? Thanks for any help you can give us. It is deeply appreciated.