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Lance Cleveland

The issue with the Widget Pack not showing locations right away is an issue that was addressed in Widget Pack 4.2.02. Version 4.2.02 of the Widget Pack temporarily enables the “immediately show locations” mode on the map even if you have it disabled by default. It also overrides the default radius setting whenever a link comes in from the widget pack itself.

Prior versions did not do that and require your general settings for the Store Locator Plus setup have immediately show locations enabled and a large enough radius to show something when a widget-based interaction occurs.

As for 4.2.02 of the Widget Pack, I want to make sure I get the details:
– You site admin upgraded to Widget Pack 4.2.02.

– ALL your widgets disappeared from the site, correct?

– Did they disappear in the admin panel or just on the user interface?

– Where there any error messages? Did anyone try turning on debug mode?