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Lance Cleveland

The first Pre-Release product has been posted.

Pro Pack 4.1.01 is posted on the Downloads page.   It adds the ability to filter location exports to retrieve subsets of the location data.

I am still working on the development toolkit that helps publish my products.   I hope to start adding version numbers to the file names on the download page.

I also am anticipating patch-release (the last of the 3 numbers in the version) versions will change every time pre-release copies are posted.    

For those of you that have purchased customization services, I plan on no longer doing email or custom install distribution of plugins.   This has led to issues in the past where your version X.Y.Z is different than the final production X.Y.Z release and you end up not getting last-minute patches.

Remember the pre-release products, while tested on my development system, may not have gone through a full production test cycle.   Use on staging/development sites only.   If you absolutely must try them on a live server make sure you have FTP or other access to the server where you can delete the directory for the downloaded plugin in case it breaks your site.

Comments, questions, feedback? Please share.