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Lance Cleveland

Every WordPress Theme will react with the Store Locator Plus themes differently.  You need to try different Store Locator Plus themes that work best with your main site.  You may need to have an HTML/CSS person tweak the rules and settings which are easiest with the Pro Pack and/or Enhanced Search add-on packs.

If you provide a live site URL I can sometimes offer simple rule suggestions that may help.

It is simply impossible to craft a single in-page theme that works with EVERY WordPress Theme.   This is why I offer multiple SLP Themes.  Some work great without any changes with SOME WordPress Themes.    However there are other WordPress Themes that I have worked with for weeks to craft a set of CSS rules that work well within over-bearing WP Theme CSS files.

Having an HTML/CSS person available for fine tuning is the best option for getting a pixel-perfect site.


Waiting for a code-geek like myself, with admittedly limited graphic interface skills (I’m a programmer not an “artist”) is not always the best solution.


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