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Lance Cleveland

From: /documentation/store-locator-plus/user-experience/search-form/

The Search Form Panel section of the User Experience tab is where you find the settings that impact the look-and-feel as well as the behaviour of the Search Form section of the Store Locator Plus interface.

State Selector

Enhanced Search 4.0.014+


When this mode is selected the state selections are not shown on the search form. This is the equivalent of the older “Show State Selector” option being unchecked.

Dropdown, Address Input

Show the state selector on the search form. The state selector is NOT a discrete search interface. It builds a list of states based on the current location data and puts them in a drop down menu. When the user selects a state it will enter that state in the search address. The center of that state will be used for the standard search, returning ALL locations within the selected radius from the center of that state. Learn more at the How Search Works page. This is the equivalent to the older “Show State Selector” option being checked.

Dropdown, Discrete Filter

A new option as of Enhanced Search 4.0.014, this option turns on discrete filters based on the state field in the location data. Like the “Dropdown, Address Input” option, this selection will build a list of states based on the current locations within the database. This setting will be used as a filter to ensure only those locations that have a state set exactly to the same value as the user selects form the drop down menu will be shown. Use with the new “ignore radius” setting to return ALL results within a state.



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