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Lance Cleveland

The space below the map is based on the CSS of your theme and the SLP theme you’ve selected.  You need to have a WP theme that auto-expands to fit the content.  Trying different SLP themes may give you a results output area the forces the page length to maximum height.   This is more of a WordPress theme control issue than SLP issue but it can be “forced” to full height as long as the WP theme plays nice.

As for the missing address setting the WordPress option csa-slplus_hide_address_entry has been enabled on your site.    That setting was “lost” on a previous release and can only be reset manually.  The Janitor add-on pack update coming out in the next few days will provide an option to reset that value.

I am putting the “show/hide address input” feature on the list of settings for the next Enhanced Search update.  Not quite sure when that disappeared but it appears to have been removed some time ago.