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Lance Cleveland

The Default Theme does not have the proper CSS and will default to a stacked theme.  Have you tried any of the other Advanced (A) themes that have built-in side-by side layout options?

My guess is your WordPress theme is not wide enough to fit two 400px wide sections plus their necessary margins before auto-wrapping the content.   You may want to start with a smaller size for each of the div CSS rules.

You may also need to create an outside wrapper div with a new CSS style that sets position:relative; display: block; width:100%; for the style rules.   Something like div id=’map_wrapper’ and a css rule #map_wrapper may help.

Creating HTML and CSS rules inside WordPress themes that do not conflict with all the things the theme styles do can be a challenge.   It is one of the primary drivers behind creating more Advanced Themes that have a variety of settings.  It is a pain to select an advanced theme, apply, save, test multiple times but it is far easier than hacking custom HTML & CSS to get things to look right.    Eventually I’d like to pair SLP themes to WP themes and even start creating basic WP themes designed with SLP components built-in.