The View section of the User Experience tab is where you find the settings that impact the look-and-feel (style) as well as the behaviour of the overall presentation of the Store Locator Plus interface.


Store Locator Plus

The following settings are included in the base plugin.

SLP Styles/Themes

Available In: Store Locator Plus

Themes are CSS rules that affect how the Store Locator Plus user interface is rendered. These are not complete website themes and only are invoked on pages that render Store Locator Plus components. The CSS rules are specific to the HTML elements that are used to build the Store Locator Plus interface and should not conflict with general WordPress theme rules. You can create your own custom theme files. The Pro Pack also provides a CSS Manipulation setting where you can create custom CSS rules via the admin interface without writing a theme file.

Select your preferred SLP style from Experience/View /Styles drop down
Select your preferred SLP style from Experience/View /Styles drop down

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Page Layout

Pro Pack

The following settings are provided by the Pro Pack add-on pack.

Locator Layout

Enter your custom page layout for the Store Locator Plus page. Set it to blank to reset to the default layout.

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