Enhanced Results Features and Labels available with the Experience add-on

Enhanced Results adds functionality to how your results appear on your Store Locator Plus map or locations page. The functionality is now part of the Experience 4.4 add-on.

Experience add-on includes these Enhanced Results Features and labels

Disable Initial Directory

When this box is checked the results do not display the listings under the map when show locations at startup is checked.

Use telephone URi

When checked, wraps the phone number in the results in a tel: href tag.

Hide Distance

When checked: Does not show the distance to the location in the results table.

Show Country

When checked: Display the country in the results table address.

Show Hours

When checked: Display the hours in the results table under the “Directions” link.

Order Results By

Included with

Enhanced Results (LEGACY)
Experience add-on 

With the add-ons you can change the Default order of results  that is part of the base plugin (distance with closest to the searched address  appearing first.)

Experience add-on  includes the newer version of  Enhanced Results

The following options for sorting results:

  • Closest – list the closest to the search address or center of the map.
  • A..Z – alphabetical sort of locations.
  • Random – random order of locations, changes on each search.
  • Featured, Rank, Closest
  • Featured, Rank, A..Z
  • Featured, Closest
  • Featured, A..Z
  • Rank, Closest
  • Rank, A..Z
"Order results by " Drop down settings to select
“Order results by ” Drop down settings to select

Drop Down selection choices to set if the featured location should be shown or only if in radius:

    • Show if in radiius
    • Always show
ER 4.3 Settings Featured ,Ranked , closest , Always show
ER 4.3 Settings Featured ,Ranked , closest , Always show

Email links and labels

Results Layout

With Enhanced results (legacy) or Experience Add-on you will see the Results Layout section that can be manipulated and saved to fine tune how your results layout appears. The SLP style under View will display the Layouts being used dependent on the style selected. With Premier, Experience you can add or change these elements to display the way you want them to, (or select a style that will suit your needs)