The Results panel on the User Experience tab is where you find the settings that impact the look-and-feel as well as the behaviour of the Results panel of the Store Locator Plus interface.

“New” Results Documentation Page

More SLP Add-ons that can aide you in customizing your locator page and fine-tune the results such as:

Show Tags In Output

Available In: Pro Pack

Show the tags in the location output table and bubble.

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Use Email Form

Available In: Pro Pack

Use email form instead of mailto: link when showing email addresses.

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No Results Message

Available In: Experience add-on

“No results found” message that appears under the map can be changed to read and display with whatever you enter as text.

Enhanced Results (Legacy) is included in the Experience Add-On-

Additional features

To include: “Use Tel URI”, “Hide Distance”, “Show country”, “Show hours”, “Order results by”, “Feature and Rank Locations”, and change Results Layout

Available In Experience add-on

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