Map Settings

Standard Map Settings

Map Domain

A drop down menu appears. Select from the available Google Maps to set search parameters.

Map Language

A drop down menu appears. Select from the available languages.

Countries and Languages

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Zoom Level

A drop down menu appears. Sets the initial zoom level of the map if the setting under Results “show locations at start-up” is NOT checked or if only a single location is found. 0 = world view, 19 = house view.

Zoom Adjustment

Changes how tight auto-zoom bounds the locations shown. Lower numbers are closer to the locations.

SLP Zoom Settings for Map Display

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Premium Add-ons: Map Settings

Additional map settings that are only available in: Enhanced Map 4.3X or higher Below settings are ONLY available with either the Legacy Enhanced Map or the Experience Add-on New Features will only be available when Experience or Premier subscriptions are activated.

do NOT auto zoom-

Use only the designated “zoom level” setting when rendering the initial map if At start up show all locations is checked.

Show Map Inset Box

When checked the map inset is shown.

Disable Scroll Wheel

When checked: Disable the scroll wheel zoom on the maps interface.

Hide Map 3D Control

Turn the large map 3D control off.

Hide Map Scale

Turn the map scale off.

Hide Map Type

Turn the map type selector off.