Map Features

Store Locator Plus
The following map features are included in the Store Locator Plus plugin.

At Startup

Center Map

This is where you enter an address, or a state, or a location which will serve as the initial focus for the Map. If not set the default is center of the country.


For more information: Go to Map Settings

Map Domain

Map Language



 Map Height

The initial map height in pixels or percent of initial page height. Can also use rules like auto and inherit if Height Units is set to blank.

Height Units

Is the width a percentage of page width or absolute pixel size? Select blank to use CSS rules like auto or inherit in the Map Height setting.

Map Width

The initial map width in pixels or percent of page width. Also sets results width.Can also use rules like auto and inherit if Width Units is set to blank

Width Units

Is the width a percentage of page width or absolute pixel size?Select blank to use CSS rules

Default Map

What style Google Map should we use?

Remove Credits

Remove the search provided by SLP tagline under the map.

SLP EM 410x410Experience Add-on incorporates the legacy Enhanced Map Features

Experience 220x220

Center At

Default without specifying an address, city,or place is the center of the country. If you have the above add-on installed you may opt to set each map page with a different center_map_at =”address” by adding a shortcode to the page. Force JavaScript setting must be off when using the shortcode attribute.

If you wish to have more than one map page and use the shortcode on a page you must have the Experience Add-on

Example of Shortcode on SLPLUS page if you have the legacy Enhanced Map 4.3 or the Experience add-on 4.4 or Premier
Example of Shortcode on SLPLUS page if you have Enhanced Map, Premier Subscription or the Experience Add-on

Hide Immediate Home Marker

When checked: Do not include the home map marker for the initial map loading with immediately show locations enabled. Available with Experience Add-on

Hide the Map

When checked: Do not show the map on the page.
Available with Experience Add-on

Add Map Toggle on UI

When checked: Adds a map on/off toggle to the user interface.
Available with Experience Add-on

Toggle Label

The text that appears before the display map on/off toggle.
Available with Experience Add-on

Starting Map Display

Drop down box selections are: Show Map, Hide Until Search, Image until Search. Sets what to display when the page loads, the options are:
Show Map – Display a map.
Hide Until Search – Display nothing.
Image Until Search – Display the image set by Starting Image.
Available with Experience Add-on

Starting Image

If set, this image will be displayed in place of the map until a search is performed. Enter the full URL for the image.
Note: If the map is not displayed either via the Hide The Map setting or shortcode attribute the starting image will not be displayed.
Available with Experience Add-on

Map Layout

Enter your custom map area layout for the Store Locator Plus page. Must have the [slp_mapcontent] shortcode to where you want Google to put the map. [slp_maptagline] puts the Store Locator Plus tagline in place. Set it to blank to reset to the default layout.   You can further modify the Store Locator Plus interface through the Pro Pack (order of main components), and Experience Add-on

Hide Info Bubble

Disable the on-map info bubble.
Available with Experience Add-on

4.3.14 EM 4.3.01 Hide bubble

Custom Map Bubble

Available with Experience Add-on

Bubble Layout

Enter your custom info bubble layout using a combination of HTML and special bubble layout shortcodes.
Set it to blank to reset to the default layout.

Map Style

Enter the JSON-style map style rules.Examples below also compatible with the Snazzy Map plugin:
Available with Experience Add-on

Subtle Grayscale

EM Map Style Subtle Grayscale

Midnight Commander

EM Map Style Midnight Commander