*User Interface


These settings change how JavaScript behaves on your site.

Force Load JavaScript<

Because of the impact this setting has, Store Locator Plus modifies help text and settings in various areas of the administrative interface of WordPress to indicate that the setting is turned on and that functionality may be compromised.

20% of the WordPress themes on the market do not properly support WordPress versions and standard page footer processing. This breaks Store Locator Plus functionality. Leaving this setting ON makes ALL of your pages load slower and it is not the preferred method. Some features like the extended shortcode attributes in the base plugin and premium add-on packs will not function with this on. If your WordPress theme breaks the Store Locator Plus plugin when you turn off Force Load JavaScript, write to the theme author and ask them to read the WordPress Codex on how to support wp_footer() in relation to wp_enqueue_script().

Some features that are disabled: