Tagalong Settings

Tagalong back end 4.4
Tagalong Fitler By Category

Show Categories on Search

How to show the category selector on the search form. No will not show the category selector. Single shows the category selector as a single drop down with indents if there are parent/children relations. Cascading shows a single drop down showing parents then children drop downs on an as-needed basis.

Hide Unpublished Categories

Available In: Pages

Select On or Off. Only works if Store Pages is installed. Hide the empty categories from the category selector. Store Pages in draft mode are considered “empty”.

Any Category Label

If set, prepends this text to select “any category” as an option to the selector. Set to blank to not provide the any selection.

Category Select Label

The label for the category selector.


Use Default Markers

When enabled (on). Do not use custom tagalong destination markers on map, use default Map Settings markers.


Show Icon Array

When enabled an array of icons will be created in the below map results and info bubble.

Order by Category Count

When enabled the results will be ordered by those with the most categories assigned appearing first.


Show Text Under legend

When enabled text will appear under each Tagalong icon in the legend. Add the tagalong legend to appear on your page with the [[tagalong legend]] shortcode in the Pro Pack layout view setting. Some SLP styles has the layout with tagalong legend built in. If you do not select one of those themes you will need ProPAck add-on