**Tagalong Features and settings

INCLUDED in POWER Add-On, see new Documentation site.

The primary feature of Tagalong is the ability to categorize your locations using the WordPress category (taxonomy) system. Tagalong builds on the Store Locator Plus store_page taxonomy that is also used with the SLP Pages add on pack. Build a “simple flat list” of categories or a hierarchical (parent/child) category structure. Once you’ve categorized locations with Tagalong you will find some other added benefits on the user interface.

2016 Tagalong 4.4.01 SLp 4.4.21

Tagalong Settings

The Tagalong Settings panel is where you change the settings that affect how Tagalong elements appear on the user interface.

Moving Tagalong Icon
This is done via the Results Layout in the Experience / Results tab. You can move around the shortcodes and HTML elements via the text area interface to place the icon element wherever you’d like it. You will need Enhanced Results (Legacy)  or the  Experience add-on to manipulate the results layout.

The exact layout depends on the plugin style. Newer plugin styles have a shortcode to place the Tagalong icon array in a specific location. If the iconarray shortcode is not present, Tagalong will add it to the very end of the Results Layout setting if you’ve elected to show the category icons via the Tagalong tab in the admin panel.

Store Categories

The Store Categories panel is where you can manage and add store categories and elements to appear on the user interface.

How to get started: First create a category under the Store Locator Plus Tagalong Tab by opening Store Category/Category Manager.

Store categories category Manager Tagalong 4.4
Store categories category Manager Tagalong 4.4

Second: After creating your location scroll to bottom of the Locations Page and select the category.
addlocation Taglong 4.4

Use Shortcode [[Only_with_category]] if you want the map to only show a specific category. Example of only with category=adventure, the adventure spots everywhere I have the locations identified as adventure in the category manager the page will look like this.

Exclusive Tagalong features for Premier Subscribers.
Requires update to Tagalong

Taglong Dropdown style with Premier 4.3.04 VADER
Taglong Dropdown style with Premier 4.3.04 VADER