THIS ADD-ON IS NO LONGER COMPATIBLE WITH SLP VERSION 4.7.11 and above. If you plan on updating SLP please buy the Power add-on! CATEGORIES see New documentation site here. 

Tagalong Tab


Tagalong Basic Settings

Any Category Label

This is the text that will appear at the top of the categories drop down menu.

Category Select

This is the text that will appear in front of the category drop down on the user interface.

Hide Empty Categories

Do NOT turn this on unless you have Pages(Store Pages)enabled.


If you do have Pages (previously referred to as Store Pages Add-On) enabled, this option will not show categories on the drop down list UNLESS there is at least one published Store Page in that category. By default “Show Categories On Search” will show ALL categories that you have created for your locations whether or not there are any locations assigned to that category.  This can be changed with the “Hide Empty Categories’ option but is only viable if the Pages add-on pack is active.     The reason for the change in behavior with Pages is because this add-on pack uses the built-in WordPress category manager.    If this box is checked off, telling the plugin to hide empty categories, the WordPress category manager will filter out any locations in the database that are in draft mode.   By default all locations in the database are set to draft mode, UNLESS Pages is activated and a page has been published for the location.

Show Categories On Search

When this check box is enabled, the Store Locator Plus user interface will show a drop down menu with a list of the available location categories shown on the list.

Geek Stuff…

This feature uses the built-in WordPress drop down categories builder (wp_dropdown_categories).  It uses the ‘stores’ taxonomy, which is the same taxonomy the Store Pages add-on pack uses.      The hide_empty and show_option_all flags can be tweaked with other options available on the admin interface.