Add On Pack Information

Add On Packs are plugins that extend the functionality and features provided by the base Store Locator Plus plugin.    They are true add-on packs that operate independently from one-another, but require the base plugin to orchestrate the features and functionality.  They will be compatible with the version of SLP that was present at the time you bought the add-on. If you have a LEGACY add-on, please note they will not work with SLP 4.7 or above.

In addition to the below add-ons, new premier subscription members will have special features exclusively available to them such as , and Google Influenced guesses, boundary searches, parent/child category selectors, table layouts and more.

Current releases of the add-on packs will use the built-in WordPress update notification system.  As Store Locator Plus  evolves the add-on packs have been  retooled to work more efficiently .  The add-on packs that are part of the Legacy system will work with the version of SLP that it was intended to work with when purchased.  It is advised to check your add-on pack versions with the latest release versions from time-to-time.

Experience Add On

Search documentation

Results Documentation

A UI designer tool kit for the location search results. Provides a quasi-HTML layout and shortcode editor for results table editing.


There is additional functionality when you purchase SLP Widgets as part of the Experience add-on,

How Widgets work

Power Add On

Data Import & Location Sensor

Enterprise features for sites with large numbers of locations.

Bulk Data Import via CSV files

GPS Location Sensor

SLPLUS Shortcode Layout Control

Extended Contact Fields

Adds contact data fields to the basic location data fields.

Directory Builder

Build dynamic directories based on location data. List the cities, countries, or states where you have a presence (or all 3.) Adds new short codes and other directory listing attributes to the Store Locator Plus base plugin.


Custom, SEO-friendly web pages based on your location content. Modify the base page template and build new pages or modify existing pages in seconds.


Categorize locations using an extended WordPress category manager.

Buy  Power

Third Party Add-ons

Event Location Manager

Add new location-specific data fields to the base Store Locator Plus locations. This is a Third Party add-on by DeBaat and is not included in all packages

Events Manager documentation

 Gravity Forms Integration

Gravity Forms Integration documentation

User Managed Locations

Customize and assign Roles and Capabilities to multiple users in Admin.

Social Media Extender

Extended Data Manager