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Device Interfaces with Simma Software

Simma Software needed solutions QUICK and Cyber Sprocket rose to the occasion.   In one of our fastest turnarounds from new-client to completed solution, Cyber Sprocket was able to work with an expert in the field of CAN and J1939 software.  If you are unfamiliar with those terms from a technical standpoint, we are certain you are familiar with the devices that run on those standards – vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

While Cyber Sprocket Labs had a small role, it was a great experience for us.   We learned a lot of new things in just 48 hours and even got to play with some new toys that Simma Software sent us while working on their software updates.   Our C# experts go to work and knocked out some system upgrades with time to spare.  Quite a feat considering the 48 hour turnaround that was required.

It is always a pleasure working with an experienced client such as JR at Simma Software.  We look forward to doing business with them again whenever they need a helping hand.  Thanks JR!

Technical Overview

Services Provided

  • Desktop application programming
  • Rapid response & turnaround time

Platform Details

  • C#
  • USB device control interface