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Consumer Web Apps with Abundatrade

When Abundatrade decided to take their project to the next level they chose Cyber Sprocket Labs to help them get there.   They brought their existing website to us and asked us to help.  They were looking for a more fluid, more enjoyable web experience for their users.   They needed an updated easy-to-use web calculator & they needed it fast.

Cyber Sprocket did the job quickly & did it right.   More than a year after that first quick “help us fix our site” project we are still helping them push their technology further.   We are now not only helping them slowly morph their consumer services into something bigger & better, we are also helping them run their operations more efficiently by integrating the web technologies with their daily operations & services that run the business.

The main part of the consumer interface is a product valuation calculator.  Using a proprietary algorithm the system looks up a bar code on a product that a consumer enters and runs a series of data queries against a variety of popular online stores such as Amazon to determine a fair market valuation on the product.  The system then compares that to current stock levels within the Abundatrade warehouse and generates a real-time trade-in value for the consumer.

During our first year with Abundatrade we have helped them improve the user experience, refined the user interface, and given them some valuable ideas and insight into how technology can make their business more efficient.   We are looking forward to forging an even closer relationship with Abundatrade in the coming year in both a business sense… and a physical sense; Abundatrade is now our closest neighbor – literally just a few hundred yards away from our new Mount Pleasant home!

We are looking forward to another fun-filled and exciting year working with Abundatrade and helping them grow!

Thanks Kent & Clayton, we appreciate working with you!

Technical Overview

Services Provided

  • Web Application Programming
    • PayPal API
    • Amazon API
    • Monsoon API
    • 3rd Party Music DB API
  • Web Interface Design
  • Process Flow Analysis

Platform Details